Showering With Bailey

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Bailey Brooke is one dripping wet teen, even before she stepped into the shower! Bailey has been watching her brother’s friend Ryan Mclane working in the yard. Bailey’s always found her brother’s best friend attractive and this blonde babe can’t help but want to flick her clit to the thought of sucking his dick! Bailey decided to go into the shower since she figures Ryan’s going to want to wash himself after a hard day’s work. Little does he know that this sneaky slut is waiting for him to come in as she lathers her luscious body fondling her beautiful boobs and rubbing her pussy with a vibrator! So when Ryan enters the bathroom, he’s shocked to find the beautiful Bailey butt naked and completely soaking wet! Bailey can’t help but notice that Ryan’s got a hard-on for her, so seems like this tempting teen is going to get the dicking she’s been dreaming of! But will Bailey’s brother catch his best friend plowing his sister’s pretty pussy?

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A Spoon Full of Sugar

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The scene is set for romance as Bailey Brooke awaits her lover with a candlelit dinner set up. But when her man doesn’t show up, fate intervenes and sets her handsome neighbor Nat Turner over to borrow some sugar. Sugar is what he wants, and sugar is what he gets, as Bailey drops her robe to reveal lacy black lingerie. Strutting over in her black stockings and high heels, Bailey gets a taste of Nat’s big black cock to teach her good for nothing boyfriend a lesson about how a woman should be treated!

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Neighbor Affair

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How to get Bailey Brooke in 10 steps… 1) Be her neighbor 2) Be outside in the rain 3) Spy on her through her bathroom window as she makes a nudie selfie video 4) Get caught by her 5) Tell her you’re locked out of your house 6) Apologize relentlessly for seeing her naked and sexy 7) Accept her invitation to climb into the bathroom through the window 8) Flatter her with compliments on her nice natural tits and bubble butt you couldn’t help but see 9) Laugh and smile like a dumbass 10) Have a big dick. Good luck!

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My Sister's Hot Friend

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Damon is on a boat, but it’s in his yard and he’s cleaning it because he has more time on his hands now since his girlfriend dumped him. His sister’s friend Bailey Brooke takes note of that to the point where she attends to him with some water in the hot sun while his sister is taking a nap. No only does she quench his thirst, she gives him an eyeful of ass when she peeks into his boat and the wind blows her skirt up to reveal her big beautiful bubble butt. That’s good enough for her to kneel down and start sucking his cock! And if it’s good enough for his sister’s friend, it’s good enough for Damon!

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