Dicking In The Deep End

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Blonde teen Bailey Brooke hoped her new bright red bikini would get her boyfriend’s attention, but when he doesn’t give her that D she just has to rub her pussy herself… until her man’s buddy Sean Lawless arrives! Sean can’t take his eyes off Bailey’s big tits, and she gets them out to give him a better view, then sucks his cock in the hot tub right behind her BF’s back. Bailey wants even more of that dick and she’ll do anything to get it, so when the pool gets too crowded she heads inside to the shower where Sean can give her pussy a deep pounding and soak her face with his cum!

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Bailey Brooke Fucks Her Best Friends Brother

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Bailey Brooke was supposed to meet her friend at her house and she was a no show. Her Brother, Dante, was home. Dante is glad Bailey came by, he wants to discuss what he found in his sisters phone. Looks like his best friend is fucking his sister and he is pissed off! Bailey knows about this and won’t give up the 411 but she did slip and say there were having sex. To let him know it’s ok, she comes onto him to make things right. If his sister is fucking his best friend he’s going to fuck her best friend. They both have fantasized about one another and the time is now! (Video duration: 31 min)

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Food for Thot

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I woke up in the morning eager to fuck my girlfriend Bailey Brooke‘s dripping wet pussy. I was hoping that she would come back to bed and give me head, but she was adamant about making breakfast. I started squeezing her ass and fondling her tits, but all she wanted me to do was help her make food. Well, luckily for me, we had to make a trip to the grocery store! That’s where we had some fun in public fondling her tits and ass while people were around buying their groceries! After some shopping we got back home and Bailey was hungry alright–hungry for my big dick! We fucked in the kitchen and made a mess but Bailey loved every moment of it, especially the creme fresh ending all over her face!

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Cuddling Coochies

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When Xeena Mae crashes at Bailey Brooke‘s house, she’s left on the old, bumpy-ass couch in the living room. Unable to sleep she wonders if Bailey would let her join in on the comfy bed? They’re just friends, no big deal, happens all the time… Right? IN a small bed, it’s inevitable that these two ladies start touching… Xeena takes the initiative and asks Bailey for some guidance – she’s never been with a girl before. And what better way to experience that than with a close, open-minded friend? Soon these two beauties are kissing, running their hands over each other’s bodies, and giggling out any last-minute nerves. But that quickly disappears in moments of licking and grinding, tongues traveling over nipples, lips, and thighs… Friends are always there when you need them!

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Boss Bailey Brooke fucking in the office with her tattoos

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Sexual harassment is no joke, and Bailey Brooke is taking sharp measures to ensure that any murmur of it in her office is swiftly addressed, resolved and extinguished. And that starts with JMac, who she’s pulled into her office due to rumors he’s been masturbating in the office, said to be found offensive to certain women in the office. The problem is, JMac just can’t help pleasuring himself, as he decidedly demonstrates by pulling his dick out in front of his boss and stroking it! Bailey’s appalled…until she sees how large her employee’s cock is. So she makes an exception: he needs help and she needs help, so why not fuck each other and let bygones be bygones? The boss is always right, especially when she’s a hot blonde with a bubble butt, who can deepthroat big dick and take a pounding on the desk! (Video duration: 24 min)

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Bailey Brooke fucking in the outdoors with her medium tits

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Happy Memorial Day! Bailey Brooke is trying to enjoy the holiday today, too, and so far her plan is working. She wants her friend’s brother Tony all to herself, so she told his sister and their nest of friends a few fibs to keep them away from the house! Meanwhile, Tony’s in the backyard grilling up some hotdogs not knowing that Bailey’s been devising a plan all along to gobble up his weiner! He finally discovers this after receiving a phone call from other parties asking his whereabouts, but before he can scold Bailey – the only other person at his house – she’s down on her knees sucking his dick! Tony figures he might as well make the most of it and enjoy his day banging his sister’s friend and her juicy bubble butt! (Video duration: 25 min)

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The Arrangement

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Bailey Brooke loves her relationship with sugar daddy Mick. Most of the time, she gets to do exactly what she wants, when she wants, but when the silver fox is in town, she drops everything to submit fully to him, body and soul. When Mick surprises Bailey with a new set of lacy red lingerie, she hurries to put it on and show her man just how hot her curves look in his new gift, a sight that’s just for him. Mick rewards her with exactly what she wants, all the orgasms any girl could ask for as he fucks her and eats her pussy until she gasps with ecstasy.

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Just Like My Big Sis

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Petite and flexible Lexi Brooke loves to have fun and loves to fuck, just like her big sister Bailey Brooke! Lexi has followed in her older sister’s footsteps all the way to the Reality Kings casting couch, and she’s here to show that she’s ready to step out of her pornstar sis’s shadow and prove that she’s got what it takes to be a sexy starlet in her own right. This hot tattooed brunette starts by playing with her pussy, and when stud Tyler joins her, she demonstrates her blowjob bona fides before showing what she’s got in spoon, piledriver, and missionary. It’s riding Tyler’s dick reverse cowgirl when Lexi really gives it her all, and this flexible beauty finishes up with a truly impressive standing straddle before taking his huge load on her face. It’s safe to say porn talent runs in the family!

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